The Department of Economic and Financial Studies is comprised of six areas of knowledge: Applied Economics, Business Organization, Financial and Tax Law, Financial Economics and Accounting, Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, plus Marketing and Market Research.

The department's mission is to form professionals in the aforementioned areas, in addition to training professionals in other fields such as engineering and statistics.

Specifically, the Department of Economic and Financial Studies is involved in teaching a wide variety of Bachelor´s programs, and these include Business Administration and Management, Labor Relations and Human Resources, Law, Political Science & Public Administration, Journalism, and Doble Bachelor´s in Law and Business Administration and Bachelor´s in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism, as well as Bachelor´s in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism and Law and Business Administration and Management. Department members also contribute by teaching in diverse engineering programs from the industrial and telecommunications branches.

In relation to master's studies, the Department teaches the University Master's in Taxation, University Master's in Business Administration and Management (MBA),  Master's in Account Auditing and Master's in Accounting and Advanced Finance. Likewise, it participates in other university master's degrees and various professional specialization courses.
Teaching efforts also extend to the Doctoral Program in Social and Legal Sciences and by advising doctoral theses and research sufficiency work linked to the lines of research and R&D projects at this department.

Complementing these teaching and research activities, department faculty and researchers maintain close relationships with companies and institutions. These links facilitate collaboration and the development of research work, as well as practical experiences for our students.